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Batch render licensing - potential dealbreaker? March 21, 2014, 9:24 a.m.

Hi there,

we are seriously considering the switch/upgrade to Houdini.

One plus for us was that we can use our existing Arnold licenses (SitoA, MtoA) to render with Houdini.
But as i now understood one needs a hbatch license for every machine if we want to render .hip files without converting to .ass on our farm.:shock:

This would make the whole process a lot more expensive. I understand that hbatch can do a lot more then just rendering out images. But as we are used to render without conversion it would be another step in production to avoid.

It would be perfect if one could use Houdini in batch mode just for rendering images (3d party renderer has its own license) without the need of additional cost. This is the way Maya and Softimage work in batch mode.

The way it is now would make it a bit harder to convince for a switch to H.