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Which one and Why? SDF vs Ray March July 30, 2017, 4:41 a.m.

Hello guys, I wanna ask a question to you. I'm making a Urban City with destructable buildings in UE4 and I want to render everything on GPU in Real-Time. I mean, I want to render/play in UE4 with everything on GPU calculation, CPU must calculate nothing. That's why, I don't want to create a city on clasical polygonal models. And then, I'm interesting about SDF (Signed Distance Field) and Ray Marching Volume Techniques.
According what ı know about them, Signed Distance Field is a 3D Texture and It's saving, how much point on the mesh/meshes it can see. And It is not interesting CPU, It is immediately being calculated on the GPU in Real-Time. This is espacially what I'm looking for and I love it. And I'm using Game Shelf Tool (Which Mike Lyndon and Luiz Kruel share in Github) for creating volume textures (with ROP Volume Texture) but I have a problem. I guess, in the VDB From Polygons, The Distance VDB is creating an Signed Distance Field Texture but I don't know How I can use it in the UE4. I know how I can use Ray Marching Textures in UE4 (I must create a FOG VDB and ROP Volume Texture node converting volume to a texture) with Ryan Brucks' Ray Marching Materials but SDF is a different thing. Can you help me? Thanks for advance.
This is the what DICE use SDF in Frostbite for creatig an Urban City :http://www.slideshare.net/DICEStudio/siggraph10-arrdestruction-maskinginfrostbite2?from_m_app=android [www.slideshare.net]

Can We create like Euphoria/Morpheme System? June 30, 2017, 11:34 a.m.

Hmm so you said, If I try to create an AI based Animation system, I only will be wasting my time. So, If I try to make much better Animation BPs, This is will be more suit.
I researched Utility Theory AI but It is very complex and needed to be learned coding languages. I don't know any coding languages and If I buy Euphoria, I will be very very cool.
The Character Deformation is can be usefull with Skin Weight system. I know that and I will be trying to use this system (With Blendshapes/Morph Targets). But I asked this Muscle system, because I wanted to use this muscle system because I wanted to don't deal Skin Weight on AI based Animation system. I want to use procedurally/physically moving skins with AI based Animation system but If AI based Animation system is impossible, I don't need this muscle system. I already will be dealing with every transiting animation, It doesn't matter Skin Weight system is join this, I allready can deal with both of these. Thanks for everything.

Can We create like Euphoria/Morpheme System? June 30, 2017, 5:42 a.m.

Thank you for replying. I'm using UE4 but I can't find a way to make this AI based Animation System. Example, How can I control all of the skeleton for smooth transiting without create an another animation, how can I control physics for character resistance? Maybe I must ask in UE4 Forums, but If anyone knows how i can do that, please let me know.
In the meantime, Why isn't the Muscle System usefull for a game? If I can use muscle system, I can control everything about character movement and reactions (I think). If is this possible, Can I create this system ( an Controllable and reactable system) in base Houdini? It isn't maybe easy, but can I create without anyother program or plugin? Thanks for advance