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Licensing of Houdini Engine Jan. 27, 2018, 7:23 p.m.


I am fairly new to Houdini and I'm confused about licensing of Houdini Engine.

I am using Houdini Indie and I work remotely with a studio that does not have any Houdini licenses. They do make more thank 100k a year. I would love to make HDA for their use in Unity.

1) Do they only need Houdini Engine - $795 USD?

2) Is it ok for me to create HDA and give to their Level Designers for use in Unity?

3) Does Houdini Engine Assets ‘work’ for all the people that do not own the Houdini Engine License? Only a few persons would be using the HDA but what about the others who don't? Can they use the scene files with HDA? How does it work for people who do not have a license? What about SVN compatibility?

4) What about build agents? Do they need separate license?

The company I'm working is considering a buy but I doubt that they'll pay a license for every person in the project - seems to be too much if only 2-3 persons are actually using it.