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quicktime movie export? March 14, 2018, 11:07 a.m.

Just got news back from Support that the feature is deprecated.

all the above notwithstanding, its far better to render to an images seq, save that seq, then make an mov (or whatever) in an app designed to do it - there are lots of free ones around

I'd agree if we were talking only about meaningful renders, but for flipbooks and scratch renders (particularly in the fast-moving mo-graphics field) you may generate half a dozen iterations in an hour as you're testing timings (or whatever) and just want to keep a record of them. Lack of a movie export option creates a burdensome amount of extra work, plus a load of extra file wrangling / organisation.

still love Houdini though

Best approach to storing orchestrated (ie non-random) data for instancing? March 1, 2018, 2:02 a.m.

And i would never edit data in the spreadsheet…

Hehe - yep, feels wrong, doesn't it But it really is the best way to store data like this:

The nice support folk have suggested that I store this info in an external text file, then use something like the Table Load SOP, which sucks in a CSV file, creating points and attributes all at the same time. Which is grand, but doesn't lend itself to quick iterating and tweaking, which really is what I need when developing both my HDA and my “running order”.

I've raised an RFE asking for a Table Load SOP that just uses Houdini's own spreadsheet, rather than relying on an external package. If they do add it as a new feature, it'll certainly help my workflow; it'll let me populate my scene with a few instances of an HDA with varying parameters so I can tweak the HDA and see how it looks in different situations.

Thanks for the tips, though Olaf - much appreciated

Best approach to storing orchestrated (ie non-random) data for instancing? Feb. 27, 2018, 9:08 a.m.

Yes - but that doesn't really help here, as most of the instances of my HDA will have different parameters set. Plus the meshes output are small and lightweight so performance isn't an issue in this project.

S'pose I'm asking: if you'd made a firework HDA, configurable to generate every kind of firework your show needed, where / how in Houdini would you actually design your show?

It's really a question of how best to store the data for all the instances. Point attributes seem the most sensible, and they're easiest set in the Spreadsheet, but … using the spreadsheet always seems a little fragile somehow.

In an ideal world, we'd have a specialised point generation SOP - a “Create Points plus Attributes” SOP that'd let you create and edit points (rows) and attributes (columns) in the spreadsheet without destroying what was already there.

Edit: I've logged it as an RFE.