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iMacPro, Metal2 and beyond --> --> June 8, 2018, 5:41 a.m.

The crazy thing is that Houdini even runs on my dinky little MacBook (2016 12“ retina). It's the most ridiculously skinny and light little machine, definitely not intended for 3D use; I got it for writing scripts/pitches while away from the studio, never imagining I could use it for anything more than a bit of word-processing or browsing.

And though you wouldn't want to try running chunky sims or rendering, for experimenting and coding it's perfect. And it means that I can have this tiny little sliver of a machine in my bag I can take anywhere, and if I get 10 minutes to myself (a precious and rare occurrence) I can flip it open and carry on creating and learning. Portable heaven.

Back at the studio (ok, the spare bedroom) I have a couple of cheese-grater Mac Pros upgraded to 12-core Xeons and GTX 1080Tis, and they handle my rendering and sims with ease. They're nearly 10 years old now, and while I thought at the time I was making an incredibly risky decision, they've more than paid for themselves…. and they've still got a few more years' life in them.

Man, it is interesting that Apple decide to deprecate OpenGL while at the same time using Houdini to show off their interim ”professional workstation" solution. And Apple's gambits don't always pay off; I hope they don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.

(I'd probably end up going Windows rather than Linux, if I had to; but there's something dark and scary about Win10 and its need to inform the mothership of every move I make, every app I open)

iMacPro, Metal2 and beyond --> --> June 7, 2018, 5:13 a.m.

Just to throw my tuppence in too:

I'm a proud owner of two Indie licences - I'm probably a typical example of the new users SideFX are trying to reach. One-man studio, relatively new to Houdini, but with enough exposure to it that I now engineer my project proposals in such a way that I'll get to use Houdini for projects. Utterly in love with it.

And I love my Macs. Hated the whole idea of Apple's walled garden for years, but now I'm in it (and the reality-distortion effect has had time to kick in), I dread the thought of having to go back to Windows, or having to deal with Linux distros and device drivers and all that tech-supporty stuff again. Spent most of my life doing tech-support, but now I'm a relatively successful graphics bod, I don't want to to tech-support stuff ever again, even if it's just for me.

So for me the additional costs of buying a Mac (vs a Win/Linux box) are nothing compared to the amount of time I'd be spending doing all the administration tasks the other OSes require.

I would be gutted to find Houdini (or Blender, for that matter) not working on MacOS in the future. It would feel like a new dark age.

quicktime movie export? March 14, 2018, 11:07 a.m.

Just got news back from Support that the feature is deprecated.

all the above notwithstanding, its far better to render to an images seq, save that seq, then make an mov (or whatever) in an app designed to do it - there are lots of free ones around

I'd agree if we were talking only about meaningful renders, but for flipbooks and scratch renders (particularly in the fast-moving mo-graphics field) you may generate half a dozen iterations in an hour as you're testing timings (or whatever) and just want to keep a record of them. Lack of a movie export option creates a burdensome amount of extra work, plus a load of extra file wrangling / organisation.

still love Houdini though