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Tell Houdini/HQ to ignore unknown nodes (redshift) on load? Nov. 19, 2020, 9:29 a.m.

Trying to set up an HQueue client node purely to cook stuff.

But because my scenes contain Redshift nodes, Houdini errors out on load, and the job fails, with lots of “Bad node type found: redshift_vopnet” and “Error: Bad parent found (parent is not a network): mat/redshift_material”.

I'm not trying to render, and the Geometry ROP I'm trying to cook isn't dependent on anything Redshifty.

Any thoughts? There must be other people who use Redshift in their scenes but need to cook stuff without tying up a Redshift License, surely?

For reference only: License Manager Timeout error solution Nov. 19, 2020, 8:32 a.m.

Putting this here for reference. Could be that my problems were an edge case (like the rest of my existence, ha) but just in case it helps someone…

Unlike previous upgrades, the move to 18.5 gave me real problems with licensing on my linux machines.

Sesictrl kept timing out, saying:

Licence Manager - machinename:1715 Timeout was reached
ERROR: You do not have read access to server machinename

After many hours, I sussed it: Sesictrl has started (?) trying to contact the server using the machine's name, rather than internally looping back, or using the machine's IP address. So the solution was simple in the end:

Add the machine's own name to /etc/hosts. There's probably already a line to resolve localhost to the, so just add the machine's name to the end of that line: localhost machinename

All is well and my various machines are working again. But that cost a fair bit of time to sort out…

tags: sesictrl license problem timing out

HQ/hbatch - Where should env vars be set? (not houdini.env!) Oct. 29, 2020, 3:48 a.m.

(I'm on Linux, but there's a chap on Reddit this morning having exactly the same issue on Windows. Redshift loads fine in the GUI but not via hbatch. Thought I'd finally get round to asking for the canonical solution)

The houdini.env file is the place to set up $HSITE, playing with $PATH, stating the location of plugins like Redshift - at least as far as the full-blown GUI Houdini app is concerned.

But when HQueue asks a client to render something, any houdini.env file on the client's drive is ignored, it seems.

For the last few years I've resorted to stuffing my essential env vars into the end of $HFS/houdini_setup. It works but feels wrong.

Where are environment variables supposed to be defined on HQClients? I know you can add job-specific environment variables within the HQueue ROP in a project, but that seems inappropriate for variables that are static / sitewide, like $HSITE.

People running Redshift on an HQueue farm, where do you add your redshift folders to $PATH?