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Wall of Shame :) Oct. 20, 2019, 12:05 p.m.

I'm trying to make a rock wall as part of a three step process.

1. I want the wall to both contains brick and mortar (separate if I can, I don't know how to make a mortar object to go between the rocks.
2. I want it to fracture on proper impacts (brick & mortar both would have separate fractures).
3. I want the mortar wall to be the parent of the rocks.

My wall isn't behaving anything like I planned. I'm very new to Houdini, and I just want this wall behave like a wall should. When I start the DOP simulation, the rocks fall for a little, then gets trapped in the other geometry, and gets stuck. I want it to be one solid piece.

Also, Houdini is telling me that my convex hulls don't have any points to work with.

A mess, I know. lol. The goal is to create a castle wall that looks like the old Moorish castles in Europe and North Africa, and then Make it game ready using the gamedev tools.

I'm very new to the terminology, so please simplify everything in your explanation please.

P.S. Super ambitious goal is to separate the mortar & rock processes all together, somehow combine them together, and make this process procedural.. which I have no idea how to do.
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