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Ferrets ? Aug. 30, 2021, 11:34 a.m.

I need to be signed to watch the video and I don't have an account. Its saying video is not rated!
Ctrl + N
paste link

New Boolean Workflow March 6, 2017, 3:08 p.m.

I managed to get it working with merging geometry and linking bevels. ( screenshot 1)
I dont get it why i cant merge edge groups, it shows 0 selected edges in abseams_sub. ( screenshot 2 )

Houdini 16 - Learning path Feb. 22, 2017, 3:49 p.m.


I'm a wannabe 3D artist who just installed Houdini for the first time ( apprentice H16 ). I'd like Houdini to become my main ( and if possible, only ) 3D app for creating 3D/VFX live action shorts ( and possibly fully animated shorts ).

There is no day-one intro to Houdini 16 tutorials, so i was wondering what was the best way for me to start? Should i start with pluralsight Intro to H15 and them move to new features in 15.5 and after that to H16? Is there a better way for me to start?

I'd appreciate any help ;D