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Game Tools | Fire Presets
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Game Tools | Imposter Textures
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Game Tools | Pyro FX Texture Sheets
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Game Tools | Motion Vectors
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Game Tools | Volume Slices to Texture for UE4

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Houdini Data Interface for UE4's Niagara March 4, 2019, 5:12 p.m.

You can export the point attributes with the csv ROP and then in Niagara you can use getFloatValue to access that value.

https://www.sidefx.com/docs/unreal/_niagara.html#GetFloatValue [www.sidefx.com]

GameDev Tools Updates March 1, 2019, 4:01 p.m.

01 Mar 2019
New Tools
  • Curve Branches can be used to generate simple branching structures, like trees, cracks and lightning. It can also be chained together and works recursively.
  • Straight Skeleton 2D generates the internal skeleton for a 2d shape, useful for roads, fonts and many other things. Internally it's doing a PolyExpand2D but isolating the created internal spine and cleaning up the ends.
  • Spiral SOP tool lets you create Spirals and Helices with ease!
  • New PBR Shader with support for inputing custom tangent values as well as a simplified interface for game developers and improved lighting calculations.
  • Min Max Average tool has been added, which simplifies the task of promoting attributes in order to get the min/max values of an attribute.
  • Added the MatCap Shader to the toolset. The MatCap shader is an extremely fast shader that renders the model based on an input spherical lighting image.
  • Added AliceVision, which is an open source Photogrammetry Framework. Follow the forum discussion [www.sidefx.com]
  • Added option to smooth the volume on the VoxelMesh SOP.
  • Added option to fit values between 0-1 on the Measure Curvature SOP.
  • Edge Group To Curve SOP now transfers all attributes from the original mesh onto the curve.
  • Adding optional 3rd input to the Color Blend SOP which can be used as a mask to control the blend.
  • First pass at Vertex Animation Texture shaders for Unity's scriptable render pipeline.
  • Added function to gamedevutils to remove specified directory and contents.
  • The Quickmat node now ships with a callback function allowing for force updating all attached materials
  • Vertex Animation Texture export now has an option under the advanced tab to write out the bbox values to a text file.
  • Fixed PivotPainter mesh normal bug on Per Object basis.
  • Layer Export now allows for tiled exports just like HF_Output.
  • Adding relations support for OSM Import when the relation defines a building.
  • Multi File now has a “Reload All” button, which will reload all files listed in the multiparm. Useful for updating data in Houdini if the source has changed.
  • Vertex Animation Textures soft method can now lerp between frames for buttery smooth slow-mo. Be warned, the shader can be expensive.
  • Mapbox SOP now can read an environment variable called MAPBOX_API in order to not require the key to be saved with the file. As well as flipped the offsets XY to properly mean X - East West Y - North South
  • Updating Mapbox SOP in order for the heightfield materials to work properly when merged.
  • Small update to Mapbox adding a callback to the offset parameter so the user doesn't have to press refresh.
  • Make Loop SOP now handles VDB.
  • Houdini External Editor tool is now language set agnostic.
  • Fixing small artifact on Path Deform tool where the twist could cause some undesired flattening.
  • Adding an offset parameter to the Mapbox SOP in order to get neighboring tiles.
  • Fixing editable node issue in RBD to FBX Demo Scene.

Bug Fixes
  • Small update to the Path Deform Sop to fix an issue that happens when the geometry is parallel to the UV projection
  • CSV Exporter will now create the specified save directory if it does not exist yet.
  • Vertex Animation Textures fluid method now handles exporting colours correctly.
  • RBD Director visualise active no longer changes the downstream simulation.
  • Strength Attribute on Normal From Grayscale COP now properly modulates the strength.
  • Fixed warning on OSM Buildings SOP about a missing dependency.

Game Dev RBD TO FBX Feb. 21, 2019, 11:52 a.m.

Hey Milad.

The transform on the container was causing the problem. You just need to import the rbd sim into a fresh geo container and turn on “Fetch Packed Geometry from DOP Network”.