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H17.5 GameDev Tools Update

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Game Tools | Fire Presets
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Game Tools | Preview Render Settings for Pyro
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Game Tools | Pyro FX Texture Sheets
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Game Tools | Motion Vectors
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Game Tools | Volume Slices to Texture for UE4

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SideFX Labs Updates Jan. 17, 2020, 6:40 p.m.

17 Jan 2020
New Tools
  • 1.65 (18.0.341) - Added a new menu option under the Assets menu that checks all Labs nodes in the scene for any out of date instances. When a newer version of the tool is available in the already installed release of the toolset. (mapsbaker::1.0 vs mapsbaker::2.0). Assets>Check Asset Versions in Scene

  • 1.75 (18.0.351) - Added the support for just slicing the geometry and not creating bounding boxes on the Multi Bounding Box sop.
  • 1.74 (18.0.350) - Gaea Tor Processor now fully compatible with Top Fetch without having to do any custom work as of Houdini 18.0.350.
  • 1.69 (18.0.345) - SkinningConverter now has an option to weight pieces with specific bones with matching name attributes. This is a change from an earlier version where connectivity was used for this purpose. Using name instead is more robust, and allows users to be specific. An example of a use-case is exporting RBD simulations.
  • 1.67 (18.0.343) - Updating the Substance COP with some new features.
    - Fixed an issue where blends wouldn't work properly with inputs.
    - Fixed an issue where inputs with same labels would conflict.
    - Fixed an issue where the python callback would fail if there was no open 3d viewport.
    - Fixed an issue with the graph dropdown not being able to be set properly
  • 1.66 (18.0.342) - Gaea Tor Processor now uses TIFs as the file format to exchange data between Gaea and Houdini. Also fixed some minor bugs in the export resolution for Gaea. It will now pad to the nearest power of 2 resolution, rather than 2048. This makes processing a default Heightfield (1000x1000) process at 1024 rather than 2048, which is a lot faster. Also updated the shipped presets to work with newer Gaea versions. Please note that this did bump the version of the tool, so any already instantiated nodes of the Gaea tool need to be recreated or their type changed.
  • 1.61 (18.0.337) - Added a Dissolve Middle Edge option after seeing that users usually remove it as the next step in their workflow in the Thicken SOP

Bug Fixes
  • 1.69 (18.0.345) - Fixing cook error on the RC Texture SOP
  • 1.65 (18.0.341) - Fixing OSM Building Node to use the building_levels attribute

RBD Bullet Solver Materials Not Exporting Jan. 15, 2020, 11:40 a.m.

Hi K,

I think the issue is that the RBD to FBX is expecting packed geo and you're current setup is passing unpacked geo.
I've modified your file and checked it in Maya. I'm getting both materials.


Vertex Animation Texture speed control Jan. 14, 2020, 11:03 a.m.

The material function has a time input exposed. You can use that to drive the animation of the Vertex Animation Texture.