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Herding Rocks - Procedural Animation
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Realtime VFX for Games
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COPs for Games
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High Quality Integrated Workflows Made Easy
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Lazy Artist’s Guide to Real-time VFX

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Game Tools | Fire Presets
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Game Tools | Imposter Textures
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Game Tools | Preview Render Settings for Pyro
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Game Tools | Pyro FX Texture Sheets
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Game Tools | Motion Vectors
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Game Tools | Volume Slices to Texture for UE4

Recent Forum Posts

Vertex colors from Houdini to Unity Jan. 7, 2019, 3:32 p.m.

Hey. I just did a quick test export the rubber toy with vertex colours as an fbx to Unity and then applied a shader graph material. It works with default settings. I don't think there's anything special you need to do to get the vertex colours working.

GameDev Tools Updates Dec. 11, 2018, 1:39 p.m.

11 Dec 2018
  • Path Deform Updating Twist logic and reverting back the transfer changes as they break the ends
  • Path Deform Making the sweep divisions relative to the size of the input mesh
  • Updating transfer logic on Path Deform tool for smoother results, and adding tooltip for 3rd input
  • Terrain Layer Export now has automatic flopping of layer exports depending on where it is used. (Houdini vs Unreal). Heightmap is now exported by default, even when number of layer export is set to 0. Also changed how the prefix works. Things like underscores are now created by the user instead of forced by the exporting process.
  • Adding .tif to the list of viable images for the Reality Capture Plugin.
  • Mapbox node now doesn't flash an empty window on refresh
  • Path Deform Reworked the inner works significantly to provide a more stable solution when working with multiple objects.
  • Cleaning up PolyDeform attributes
  • LOD Create now has an updated UI to control which mode you want to preview LODs with. It also allows you do disable the visualizer. The tool will now also properly display how many tri a custom mesh has. Also fixed some minor bugs such as relative vs absolute paths.
  • Added Clip Ends parameter to Path Deform tool
  • LOD Create now allows you to specify a custom prefix for the LOD submeshes instead of the default “mesh”_LOD. Also exposed the linear colorspace toggle for the shader consolidation.
  • Improved Pivot Painter hierarchical pivot generation algorithm. It should now be more robust with oddly shaped leaves. This does come with a slight regression in performance. Also added the ability to mask motion in hierarchical mode through the Cd attribute.
  • Added Axis and Scale to Curve Length parameters to the Path Deform tool as well as fixed an issue where animated objects wouldn't playback their animations
  • Exposing a parameter on the UV Transfer node to control how aggressively to weld border points back into the mesh
  • Games Baker and Simple Baker now give a warning when using a frame range render, but no $F can be found in the output file path.
  • Updating Mapbox SOP to work on Mac and Linux.
  • Vertex Animation Texture ROP has been updated for UE4 4.21. General material cleanup. Speed is now a multiplier. A value of 1 is equivalent to 24 fps (Houdini's default).
  • Removing Normal Manager in COPs because of duplicate functionality.

Bug Fixes
  • Volume Texture now uses a correct frame length to render volume slices when using higher number of slices. Also added demo scene.
  • Mapbox SOP Rotated Maps by 90 degrees so they look correct in Top View, Downloaded data was at the wrong zoom level, Snapping to terrain would fail on scaled data, colors now match the mapbox window
  • Delete Small Parts set to perimeter mode now is properly hooked up
  • Straighten is more precise on its normal calculations
  • Games Baker failed on mac due to an incorrect temp path. This also fixes an issue with the Simple Baker failing.
  • Fixed issue in Reality Capture where the textures weren't being generated
  • Fixing UV Transfer tool, some internal fuse nodes were also deleting degenerate points which is not always desired in all cases
  • Fixing Typo on VDB Textures on the shelf
  • PhysicsPainter now keeps attributes that the high resolution mesh contains.
  • Fixed resolution dropdown menu breaking output resolution for Games Baker. This bug caused manually entered resolutions to be discarded after using the dropdown once.

GameDev Vertex Animation Texture and RBD Fracture/Director/Solver Tools issues Nov. 29, 2018, 11:41 a.m.

Things to check.
When importing the mesh make sure to set vertex color import to Replace and turn off “Remove Degenerates”
Turn on full precision uv's in the details panel of the mesh. This is required.
For both textures set the compression setting to Vertex Displacement and filter to Nearest. This is also required.