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this->gdp == nullptr only on Windows? June 22, 2016, 4:31 a.m.


The default CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS for the “Debug” configuration is the culprit. For Ninja builds I'm forcing the CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE to “RelWithDebInfo” and in Visual Studio I just set that as the active configuration.

*grumble grumble*

When I have more time I'll figure out the exact flag that's causing the issues and post an update.

If anyone is interested, maybe we could collaborate and put together a solid reference Houdini.cmake on github and perhaps SESI would be motivated to adopt it into their hearts and provide it with the toolkit?

this->gdp == nullptr only on Windows? June 21, 2016, 12:07 p.m.


I've been working on a SOP on OSX and things have been working fine. I decided to try and build it for windows as well but I'm stumped.

I'm not using hcustom, only cmake based on what I see in the Makefiles provided with the toolkit (and might I humbly request Sesi adds an official Houdini.cmake module there as well??).

Plugin builds and loads just fine but in cookMySop ‘gdp’ is a nullptr and I really don't understand why at this point.

Any helpful advice or thoughts on how to wiggle this into something that works would be most appreciated. It's definitely something related to the build because SOP_Star will exhibit the same problem if I don't use hcustom (seriously… hcustom is the devil).



Building plugin on OSX 10.10 with modern C++ June 20, 2016, 3:12 p.m.

Just to put the lid on this. With the release of 15.0 there were no more issues.