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HARS.exe still growing after cooking HDAs sequentially Nov. 6, 2019, 10:03 a.m.

Could both of you describe the nodes and any tools you are using within your HDAs? Perhaps there is a particular node/asset that is leaking memory somewhere, and getting a list from both of you can help narrow it down.

Also does the same tool cause Houdini memory to grow as well?

I set up a simple test to demonstrate - file_read->pack->unpack->attribWrangle->null.

File read is loading a bgeo, wrangle is adding a width attribute, pack/unpack is just there because I usually unpack (but this particular bgeo isn't packed).

Cooking that null in a loop and extracting some data from the geometry does not leak memory, repeated cooks do not increase beyond my use of the extracted data.

If I split that wrangle out to 10 nulls (each connected to the wrangle) and cook each one, it then uses additional memory that won't seem to release - but is released when I close the session (I'm printing used memory before/after to stdout).

Exploring this a little further in my search for how to release the memory, I tried turning off the ‘copyinput’ param of each cooked null after I was finished with it and cooking that again before moving on - that cooks to nothing and released the memory: the before/after session close memory report was very similar and I was about 5GB down from my previous peak in this test.

Which seems like it might be something of a workaround in the meantime for the issue - it is improving my memory use in a far more complex setup, and while there is some memory not released until the session is closed it's significantly down.

I don't believe this is causing any issues in a UI session of houdini.


HARS.exe still growing after cooking HDAs sequentially Nov. 1, 2019, 11:19 a.m.

Hi dpernuit,

so I have tried following methods, none of which showing increasing amount of data in my session:


I have a similar problem when using HAPI, memory is not being released. I can see the memory being used when calling each Cook, but cannot find a way to easily release. The only way I have to release so far is to close the session and reopen a new one, but this as Tom says is costlier than I would like. It's not a small amount of memory, with my current dataset it's over 20GB not being released, each session run, and it's enough of a spike to limit what I can do.

I have tried clearing the sop cache (and all the caches) on the fly, and deleting all created nodes with no success. Clearing sop did make some difference, but not significant.