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Getting Around HDA Limitation in Apprentice PDG April 8, 2019, 11:40 p.m.

Greetings Houdini gurus!

I am currently going through Rob's “PDG_Foundation_Tutorial”, which has been very interesting by the way .
I seem to have hit a bit of a snag on “Part 8” of the tutorial where we are expected to turn our “street_grid” network into a digital asset and replace our “Geometry Import” with a “HDA Processor” which calls the newly creates HDA. Turns out the “HDA Processor” requires a “HAPI” license in order to function properly and that is something the Apprentice license does not support .

I thought I would be clever and just push on using the original “Geometry Import” nodes, ignoring the fact that it created 292 work items. That was all fun and games until I hit “Part 9” of the tutorial where we need to create the city streets. In order to do that we need to deal with four 73 primitive objects, not 292 unique primitive objects.

My question then is how can around this limitation such that I can still use a “Geometry Import” TOP that would bring in sets of primitives as opposed to a myriad of unique, individual primitives? Is there a work around the need for a “HDA Processor”?

Unreal Engine not supported? March 20, 2019, 6:52 p.m.

I Hope so Ken.
This is some really exciting work.
Congratulations for getting it out the door!
I know what a labor of love it has been

Can't find libHAPIL.dll in UE4 Oct. 30, 2018, 5:45 p.m.

Hi Dpernuit -

I was using TCP Socket Port 9090.

I cannot remember if I restarted UE4 after changing the Session Type. I probably did since that is the general method for getting anything to kick in with UE4.

While I can get Houdini engine to engage in UE4 after turning on the Houdini Engine Debugger before, I still can not bring Digital Assets into UE4 by themselves. I am at a loss for this disconnect as well. It would be great if We could find a solution for this but at least I have a temporary work around.

Thank you for the explanation for what's going on under the hood with Houdini Engine in UE4.