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Extrude two opposing edges outward and horizontally? Jan. 15, 2018, 5:14 p.m.

btw, Ryu Ku, you got better things to do than go trawling OTHER posts to get quotes to put into THIS post ?

You got an obsession with me ? Urrrggggg…..shudder at the thought….

Extrude two opposing edges outward and horizontally? Jan. 15, 2018, 5:03 p.m.

Ryu Ku
Hello, Erik,
thought about your question, but couldn't find answer.
Was almost sure it could be done with localz in Local Control. And as you're - feel that attributes should be the way to go with this.
When I did something similar by myself - I did silly silly thing - snapped what is extruded to points with x key in the viewport for the Radial Menu (after activating Transform Extruded Front and y key to turn handles to the translate mode).
Or extruded desired polygons, deleted what is not needed, PolyFill… as you describe too and seems to me is not the most efficient method. Feel about too many manipulations with extrusions as you've said - too difficult than it should be. But if it works - it's the way.
And sorry for what I'll write next - didn't want to do this in your thread. Don't punish/ abuse me for this, please, if your want you can of course, just usually I do it enough myself.


Hi, @vusta.
If you need clarification and don't understand it by yourself, as I hoped you are - I wanted to do this earlier:
for example after this
exactly…neither does which op system, version, nightly build, graphics card….etc…etc
and this
ah got it, I've got a measly 3 orange dots, you've got FIVE, therefore i'm not worthy of taking part in your intelligent threads, apologies for this post. Will never interrupt you again. []
You think these words look like irony or sarcasm. They are not.
Was hoping you just feel yourself not right and because of it write more and more trash.
As even adequate people do from time to time, especially being young, or when just want to talk, but probably it's not your state.
If to talk about my reaction in this thread:
… who would select the BOTTOM edge to extrude for the porch ? makes no sense at all…
If even one person all over the world working with Houdini need it - it has sense and surely could be done.
Something that doesn't have sense for you, or something you don't know how to do - is not the equivalent to what you've said about overall sense.
Hope I'm enough clear without using rough words.

clear as mud…

Extrude two opposing edges outward and horizontally? Jan. 15, 2018, 1:04 a.m.

yeah Ryu Ku, c'mon, give me more thumbs down…you're too gutless to even say why….tosser…