Attributes is one of the most interesting things that you can manipulate inside of Houdini, helping you to achieve virtually anything you have in mind. Let's learn how to use and operate them in this step by step workshop.

This is part 4 of the series. 

Link to Part 3

Link to Part 2

In this video we will learn how to orient and rotate our copies using attributes and VOPs. And create some simple but great looking setups with it, so that you can animate it and create motion graphics, or any other effects (or simply use it for modeling).

Have you ever found yourself sitting down with thoughts "I wish I could procedurally generate infinite amount of rock and boulder looking geometry without doing it by hand"? What are the odds: this video is exactly about that!

This technique can be used not to just generate rocks, or alien formations, so why not try out different setups yourself. We will also input noise into other noise, subtract, add, multiply noises, and get it through sin function, just for fun.

Let's learn how to use our attributes to drive effects in material system of Unreal Engine. This is an example of how our operations with attributes can be utilized in other DCCs or rendering engines, in our case I went with a realtime visualization of our rather interesting VOPs driven setup.

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