Attributes is one of the most interesting things that you can manipulate inside of Houdini, helping you to achieve virtually anything you have in mind. Let's learn how to use and operate them in this step by step workshop.

This is part 3 of the series. 

Link to Part 2

Create, write, promote, delete, and get attributes from maps! As well as Bind and Bind export, and everything in between.

In this video we will see more ways we can manipulate our attributes, with a couple of practical examples. Get some coffee and let's learn more Houdini workflows.

In this video we will learn how to use attributes to determine how dense the points will be scattered, and further down the line how many copies of geometry will be, determined by that rule We will also try our hand at hand-painting the attribute values, and distributing copies based on that.

Uniform and non-uniform scaling of our copies with VOPs. We will learn how to control the attribute pscale and scale to achieve different effects in our setups, including the megastructure-style geometry without spending too much time modeling anything.

There will be more lessons in this workshop. To know more, and get all the latest announcements, visit Arise.Works for more Houdini tutorials and workshops.


  • sampieree 7 months, 1 week ago  | 

    Is this seriously a beginner's tutorial? :/

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