Rich Fry (aka Hypershader) will show you to use primvars to automate texture loading using Karma Material Subnet and MaterialX. He will demonstrate this with an asset downloaded from This asset is CC0 license and public domain, and as such for your convenience, it has been converted to necessary USD files which will load into your Houdini session with all correct texture assignment.

NOTE (19.5-specific)

This method of texture loading is suitable for 19.5 version, but I have been told by SideFX that they aim to develop a simpler method to handle this task in a future version of Houdini. In the future, this tutorial will be updated to reflect that change.

File Download

(*.hip file, *.usd geometry, HDRI, textures)

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  • BryanRay 1 month ago  | 

    Please note that this workflow is not yet supported by Karma XPU (Beta) in 19.5.

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