In this video, we will be connecting the various rig parts up, and setting up a blend system for the front legs so that they can be driven by either the hip or world.

Download the scene file created in this video below. You can create your own rig from scratch by following along this tutorial series, or just grab one of the accompanying scene files that are available in each chapter and continue!


  • stefankang 4 years, 1 month ago  | 

    Thankyou for doing the Houdini tutorial! It's really helpful!
    I was hoping if you can take a look at my rig, I try to follow along and find the bone shifting after I connect the blend node with c_frontLefRoot and frontLegSpineLocal. (QUAD-RIGGING - 08 CONNECTING).

    Also my rig- L_frontLeg_humerus_goal is getting rotated a little bit weird, not very sure whats happening.?

    here's a link to my file: []

    Any tips or advise will be appreciated! Thanks!

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