Welcome to this tutorial series about complex roads in Houdini. You can find all the scene files and more tutorials on our site. 

Part 1: Solving Intersections

This is the first tutorial in a series about solving intersections, we will be talking about the problems which arise when dealing with complex roads in Houdini.

Part 2: Constructing Geometry

This is part 2 of the series: Complex Roads in Houdini, we will look at some of the options we have to create and populate roads. In this tutorial you will learn about object placement and geometry creation involving roads.

Part 3: Setting up a Road Tool

This is the final part of the series: Complex Roads in Houdini. In this tutorial we will be combining the assets created in the previous tutorials. In the end you will have a working road tool inside of Unreal which can solve intersections.



Feike is always eager to help, but getting a good idea of the different solutions first. As a graduate of IGAD (International Games Architecture & Design) in The Netherlands with half a decade of experience with Houdini, he currently enforces building techniques using procedural design. He loves teaching and exploring problems from both the artistic as the math-driven side of things to get to the desired results. Teaming up with Ivo he co-founded Dokai, and is loving everything there is about sharing environmental design for games, in a procedural way.

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  • SpeLL 1 year, 7 months ago  | 

    It would be great if you fix the errors in this tutorials and instead of the "video does not exist", these videos would be available again.

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