Crowds for Feature Film 3

Crowd for Feature Film is back and this time it’s about making your own crowd tools. Mikael Pettersén who is currently Head of Simulation at MPC Episodic and a former Lead Crowd Technical Director at MPC Film is going through the fundamentals of building your own tools in Houdini. 

In this course you will learn how to read clip data, play and blend clips in Vex, create digital assets, usable math concepts and some of the fundamental building blocks when creating non simulated crowds. This will give you the necessary skills to start building your own crowd tools in Houdini.  

This is an advanced course and you will need an understanding of all the concepts from Mikael’s previous courses to be able to follow along. 

Crowds for Feature Film in Houdini 3


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    Thank you.
    really enjoy watching your courses.

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