In this lesson, you will explore the creation of a waterfall using FLIP Fluids. You will learn how to set up a specialized emitter object which churns up the water before sending it into the simulation. This kind of control is important for getting just the look you want out of a sim. This technique was used to create the waterfall demo introduced during the launch of Houdini 12.

Next, you will learn how to use velocity and surface fields to generate white water and splashes. This will involve understanding how to extract information from the simulation and apply it to a new system. While this section is designed more for Technical Directors, it was developed by an artist who has learned how to get the different parts of Houdini working together.

The completed scene file for this lesson is available using the button at the top right just under the embedded video.



Scott Keating is senior product designer at SideFX specializing in the user experience needs of Houdini artists.

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  • gverweijen 3 years, 4 months ago  | 

    Great tutorial! I;m a beginner and I've seem to gotten stuck at the velocity part. The vopsop is deprecated so I;m using the attribvop to add the velocity point attribute. This attribute shows up in the point spreadsheet, however when I select the 'create surface' this attribute is gone. Enabling the velocity in 'create surface' add it again, but the all get zero. Any tips on how to proceed?

    Im running 'Houdini 18.0.597

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