The Heightfield Scatter node has be totally rewritten to allow hierarchical scattering, fixed point distribution and more. This video will explain the parameters and show how to wire up geometry for hierarchical scattering.


  • EricSheng 4 years, 11 months ago  | 

    Thank you! It's really useful for game. I'd love to see more video about Houdini Terrain. Also I wanna see one day we can build an entire world all in Houdini easily. I mean more procedural model feature, especially something like tree generator, foliage generator, etc.

  • takahashi_naoya 4 years, 5 months ago  | 

    Thank you for your polite commentary.
    I tried immediately, but in the model where the top of leaf and stem were divided, it would be lost by the setting of "Define Pieces", and it would become "Single Pieces"
    Models will not be distributed.
    Is there a good solution?

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