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Welcome to Houdini For The New Artist! In this course, we will create this beautiful animation of Mr. Chameleon from scratch.

To get things started, we begin with "What is CGI?" This video is designed for those who are brand new to studying CGI in general. If you're someone who has already practiced CGI in other applications, then this video is optional.

Once we establish some basic concepts, like what "models," "textures," and "renders" are, we then explore some Houdini-specific tasks with the Chameleon project.

There are a wide array of topics. Some of these include:

  • Steps for installing Houdini
  • Recommended computer specs
  • An overview of the interface elements
  • Node visibility and parameter options
  • Timeline and global animation settings
  • Contexts
  • Viewport Hotkeys
  • How to discover nodes
  • Establishing a new project directory
  • Importing geometry
  • Viewport lighting options
  • How to read error messages
  • Using the “Object Merge” node
  • How to render with Mantra
  • An overview of USD
  • Creating lights and shaders with Karma
  • Discovering viewport display options
  • Adding an HDR / Dome lighting
  • How to add a gobo
  • Using the light mixer
  • Karma light override settings
  • Reading texture maps with Material X
  • Creating a backdrop that’s separate from the HDRI light
  • Creating depth of field
  • Generating point clouds
  • Copying geometry onto points
  • An overview of attributes... what they are... where to view them in the interface
  • The attribute noise node
  • How to discover various attribute names
  • The attribute randomize node
  • Data types (floats, vectors, integers, and strings)
  • The attribute adjust node
  • How to animate parameters
  • Controlling keyframe values
  • The animation editor
  • Output nodes and purple render flags
  • Importing color attributes into Material X shaders
  • Splitting viewport panes
  • Groups and selections
  • $ variables and path expressions
  • Troubleshooting Karma renders
  • The render manager
  • Path traced samples and managing noise in renders
  • Nvidia and intel de-noising options
  • Importing frames into Davinci Resolve
  • Color correcting 32 bit images
  • Adding a vignette
  • Color correcting imagery
  • Adding glow
  • Final video output settings

Once you get through the course, you'll be well on your way to success in Houdini.

Good luck! Have fun,

  • Tyler



Tyler Bay is the owner of cgforge.com - which is an online Houdini school that offers high quality courses, resources, and individual mentorships to help you achieve your Houdini goals.

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