In this online course, the viewer will learn some beginner to intermediate Vellum Grains techniques. Vellum Solver was introduced in Houdini 17 and is a very powerful solver.

It enables the artists to quickly iterate different simulations in no time.This course has been designed for intermediate Houdini users who are new to Vellum Grains. It will give the viewer a solid foundation and understanding on how Vellum Grains work inside Houdini.

After viewing this course, people can expect to be able to simulate dry sand/wet sand/snow interactions with ease.

The Author
Arihant Gupta
Arihant Gupta

MPC Vancouver.

Arihant has worked on various projects, from feature film to TV projects; such as Stranger Things, Aquaman, Detective Pikachu to name a few. With such great work you’re going to love Arihant Gupta!

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