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The Luchador and the Chicken were created by Od Studios in cooperation with SideFX. This overview takes you through the files that were designed to demonstrate the process of character rigging using the new APEX system - from setting up the foundation and working with autorig components to mastering procedural skinning.

These files cover all the necessary steps in order to build an apex rig from scratch, such as:

  • procedural skinning
  • using skeletons as guides for APEX rigging
  • working with autorig components and creating custom components
  • organizing the character using the new packed folder system
  • exporting the final character
  • assembling an animation scene with the new characters



I started my career doing lighting, lookdev and VFX in Cape Town. Always looking to streamline the character rigging and animation process I got involved in setting up a rigging tools in houdini and assisting animators to get used to the new tools, I have fallen in love with CFX, building rigs for films, games and cinematics.

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    Awesome. Thanks so much!

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