Modeling I offers an ideal way of learning how to model in Houidni because it features hands-on exercises, a variety of interesting techniques, and an overview of the most important nodes that you need to know in order to model anything in Houdini.  Each exercise is designed with specific challenges in mind and they become gradually more difficult as you progress.

Before heading onto advanced modeling concepts, it's important to understand a variety of modeling nodes in detail.  That's where the Node Bible helps out.  As you watch the course, links will pop up on the screen bringing you to the Node Bible.  There, you'll find descriptions of these nodes that are useful in completing the exercise.  Each node features detailed explanations for each parameter setting, and it gives you a simplified overview of how to practically the node.  Then, once you read an entry, you then return back to the course to apply it in a practical way.  This is a unique way of learning Houdini, and it goes a long way to helping you understand the modeling nodes more quickly.

By the end of this course, you will have the ideal skills necessary to comfortably model in Houdini.  The skills you learn here will directly apply to procedural modeling as well as any kind of destructive modeling task you may encounter down the road.  Plus, understanding the modeling nodes goes a long way in helping your FX work as well.  To get started, check out the exercise files for free by visiting the course.



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