Procedural Generated Pipes 4: Cleaning up the Interface

Hi! Welcome to this tutorial on how to create procedurally generated pipes in Houdini, and use them as an HDA in Unreal!

1 | Generating Geometry

Hey guys! In this part of our series we'll go over how to create a fast and optimized pipe generator for your designers to use in game! We'll jump right into the generation of geometry, and then create some UV's and small add-ons.

Length: 36:19

2 | HDA and Unreal Materials

In this part of our series we'll jump right into the updating of the User Interface, and then create some UV's and references to Unreal Materials.

Length: 34:08

3 | Valves, Connectors and Corners

In this 3rd part of this series, you will generate some extra geometry on your pipes and learn how to interactively change parameters on a per-object-basis in both Houdini and Unreal!

Length: 38:49

4 | Cleaning up the Parameters

In this 4th part of our Pipe Generator series, we'll be cleaning up our parameters, setting up some material presets with Unreal and have the options to switch out flanges for corner pieces.

Length: 36:54



As the original founder of Dokai, Ivo is passionate about using Houdini to create procedural content for cinematics and videogames, and is currently working as a Technical Artist on the new Gran Turismo games for Polyphony Digital at SONY Interactive Entertainment with the focus on Environmental design. He graduated from IGAD (International Games Architecture & Design) in Breda with 3 years of experience with Houdini, and loves environmental design. He also interned at SideFX Software‘s game dev team in 2018/2019.He grew up in Tilburg, The Netherlands, is an avid martial artist, and wants to help you with his knowledge and share his experience from the industry through tutorials and seminars!

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