Vellum is a unified solver that offers fast production workflows for cloth, wires, soft bodies, balloons and grains. It works a little different than other Houdini tools you may be used to, so this course is intended to help you understand the fundamental design intentions and usage techniques for this unique solver.

The Vellum workflow offers easy setup and control, is OpenCL / GPU accelerated, and has some powerful visualization options as well. In this course we will explore some of the key nodes and concepts for working with Vellum including Configuring Vellum objects, creating collisions, understanding constraints, and the "Post Solve" workflow.

  • 00:01:18 | Basic Cloth Setup
  • 00:12:53 | The Unified Solver
  • 00:16:23 | Extracting Solver Data to SOPS
  • 00:23:13 | How to Handle Post Process Issues
  • 00:32:20 | Manage Vellum Data in SOPS
  • 00:42:06 | SOP Level Vellum Workflow
  • 00:52:30 | SOP Level Vellum Constraints
  • 01:05:01 | Putting Vellum to Work



John is the Education Training Lead at SideFX. Previously, he was the Resident Dynamics Instructor and Dynamics Curriculum Manager at Pluralsight Creative. John has been teaching various visual effects software packages to creative industry professionals for more than 15 years. He lives for the rush of seeing his pupils experience "light bulb" moments. His latest passion is making sure that no software or tools can get in the way of an artist expressing their creative vision.

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  • pixeltrain 1 month, 3 weeks ago  | 

    Thanks John, great!

  • penviro 1 week, 6 days ago  | 

    kind request,
    how to control and art direct grains, balloons vs soft bodies, where is the follow up video that you mentioned in this video at 23.40

  • johnm 1 week, 6 days ago  | 

    We hope to release these follow up videos soon. Thank you for watching!

    • penviro 1 week, 2 days ago  | 

      Thank you! Sir for Replying

  • mlutteral 1 week, 4 days ago  | 

    great teacher, thanks a lot

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