Kino is a Creative Coder and Technical Artist based in Tehran, Iran. He is interested in making abstract art forms and algorithm-driven pieces. He mostly uses his computer in combination with custom-made software as his medium; utilizing creative coding, generative design and nature-influenced processes. Apart from his personal work, Kino is also a member of the Design+Technology studio, a collective of artists experimenting in the fields of interaction design and computer arts.

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  • Camilla777 1 year ago  | 

    Nice Hesam ! That's a really great tuto !

    • KINO-san 1 year ago  | 

      Cheers Camilla! Happy that you liked it. The big question for me now is how to continue the tutorials in terms of the "background music", I got some bad feedback in Reddit towards the music so I'm really hesitant to have that feature in future tutorials. It's a shame because I kind of found it to be a nice (side) platform for me to introduce music to fellow Houdini users, music to work with :D Anyways, I'll be glad to know your thoughts. Thanks!

  • BabaJ 1 year ago  | 

    I personally don't think music is a good idea for any tutorial - save for examples of the finished work, intro segment of video, etc.

    When one is learning there is a focus to try and understand, along with thinking about related concepts/ideas while listening the tut.

    Much can be a distraction to learning. However, I'm sure there are people who are different in that regard and probably always like to have some background music when they themselves do their own work.

    • BabaJ 1 year ago  | edit feature with this feature.

      * ...while listening to the tut....

      * ....Music and be.....

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