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UNIVERSAL ARTS SCHOOL is an international school that has been providing higher education since 1994 and has campuses in Spain and Hollywood where we have developed courses in partnership with leading companies such as Bioware and our online Campus allows students to create interactive avatars within a gamified online society.

We are specialised in 3D Animation, Video Games, Digital Cinema and VFX and are ranked 14th worldwide by ACR and 1st in Spain.

We have provided over 3 million hours of training and many of our graduates work in the industry today at companies like ILM, Sony ImageWorks, Weta Digital, Blue Sky Studios, Lucas Arts, Disney, Framestore, The Mill, CodeMasters, MPC, Double Negative, Ubisoft, Asylum among others and have earned a large array of awards.

Our training is completely hands-on and provides student with the knowledge needed to excel in the field. Our personalized methodology keeps classrooms down to a reduced number of students where they can develop one-to-one relationships with instructors and mentors. Our academic offer is based on an innovative route system where students can choose a made-to-measure professional career with different variables. UA SCHOOL includes a 1-year accelerator program at the end of each cycle where students learn to apply their acquired knowledge in real projects.