80 LEVEL | Ghost Recon Wildlands

Posted May 04, 2017

Article 1 | Procedural Technology

Benoit Martinez and Vincent Delassus discuss the technical challenges of producing huge open world worlds and how new tools help solve them. This article opens a series of reports, centered on showing various aspects of game content development, which could be automated with procedural technology.

We quickly realized that the procedural approach was not only helping to get rid of tedious tasks but also that it was saving time. Artists were able to focus on quality, having more time to polish their level.

by Benoit Martinez

Article 2 | Procedural World Building

Technical artist Erwin Heyms showed how his team approached the production of small cities, rivers, and roads in the open world game. 

The tool had to be easy to use and flexible enough for our artists, and be able to automate as much as possible the actual road construction process.

by Erwin Heyms

Article 3 | Landscape and Material Pipeline

Technical environment director Yannick Signahode shared the way a small team at Ubisoft Paris created the procedural environment world building pipeline for Ghost Recon Wildlands. This is the forth article in our series of publications, describing the amazing technology behind the production of the open world game.

We spread all those decals with procedural tools made on Houdini by tech artists for the team. But it also was possible to add them manually.

by Yannick Signahode