HEX Episode 10

Posted April 26, 2022

Welcome to Episode 10 of HEX, an ongoing series of interviews with people from the Houdini community - studio artists, indie artists, developers, tech partners and event organizers.


Mardini 2022 Roundup - Meet this year's winner! (Olivier Colchen)
Project Titan Tutorial with Steve Knipping and Simon Verstraete
Majestic Mojito with Tim Van Helsdingen and Fianna Wong
Python States for Houdini TD's - With Paul Ambrosiussen and Mai Ao
Character Masterclass - Mihnea Stoica, Warren Leathem, Esther Trilsch (Elephant material)
KineFX Course with Christopher Rutledge
Fast Explosions with Carl Krause
Gallery Showcase


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