More Flexible Houdini Engine

Posted April 12, 2017

SideFX is pleased to announce some exciting changes to Houdini Engine licensing that lets studios use their licenses on the cloud and gives them access to affordable monthly and weekly licenses for greater flexibility:

1) All Houdini Engine floating licenses have been automatically upgraded to Global Access Licences for no additional cost - allowing users to to bring licenses to the cloud for their own use. Until today, Houdini Engine floating licenses were available as either Local Access, which could only be used in a single facility, or Global Access, which could be shared with remote facilities or used on the cloud. Now all Houdini Engine floating licenses are Global Access, yet retain the same price as the Local Access licenses.

2) Weekly rentals have been added to the existing annual and monthly rental options for greater flexibility – price is $35 USD for seven consecutive days.

3) Monthly rental pricing has been significantly reduced - from $195 per month, to $100 per month - making short-term rentals an even more viable option. This shift aligns with the rental price drops for other Houdini products.

Whether you are using Houdini Engine licenses on the farm or to run the Houdini Engine plug-ins in either Maya, Cinema 4D, Unity or Unreal, these changes will make it easier to empower your artists. The ability to use Houdini Engine licenses on the cloud for your own use is a request we are happy to offer.”

by Richard Hamel

SideFX also offers a workstation Houdini Engine license which is node-locked to a single computer. At the time of rental, customers can choose to postpone the start date for the licenses by up to 7 days. All Houdini Engine licenses include a Mantra rendering token, which will also be upgraded from local to global access. Weekly, monthly and annual rentals will be available through our web store, making them available 24/7

Houdini Engine

Houdini Engine lets you load Houdini Digital Assets into other digital content creation apps such as Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D or the Unity or Unreal Game Editors. You can also use the Houdini Engine API to create your own plug-ins for proprietary applications. In batch mode, Houdini Engine can also be used on the farm when you distribute key tasks such as rendering, simulation, motion and geometry caching.