How do I license Houdini Apprentice?

Apprentice licenses are valid for 30 days. You will need to install new licenses once 30 days have passed. From H19, you can reactive Houdini Apprentice just by the File->Activate Apprentice menu in License Administrator.

By starting Houdini for the first time or without an active license, you will be prompted with various options:

Apprentice License Prompt

  • Choose the first option: Install (or reinstall) my free Houdini Apprentice license and click Next.

  • You will be prompted to accept the Side Effects Software License Agreement to continue.

Apprentice Licenses


While Apprentice users are able to log into the License Administrator, non-commercial Apprentice licenses cannot be installed here.
Installing licenses through License Administrator is reserved for Indie and Commercial users only.

Apprentice License Login