blur in surface shader?

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is there a way to blur / filter / oversample a procedural in a surface / displacement shader?

i specifically want to smooth the bricker vop in a displacement shader.



i know the texture vop has a pixel blur function… and the stone wall material has a blur function as well so i'm sure there must be a more generalized solution
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if you dive into the bricker vop you'll find the horizontal and vertical stripe nodes with a blur setting on them to soften them a bit.

With the texture-vop the actual vex function texture() that is being called in the resulting code contains an optional pixelblur parameter. However with proceduals you have to control the interpolation of values yourself in code/vops. Most pattern vops have controls like this built in. Also the cellnoise vop contains a border softness input which is what controls the stone wall smoothness.

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