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New to Houdini and this community.

Autodesk just axed Softimage so there's a big chance that many XSI users will flock your way in the next months or years.

I hope you'll be a better home for us.

Welcome! We'll do our best to make sure your new home is comfy, and that it stays that way

Hi Halfdan,
It's nice to see a familiar name here. I was sad when I heard of your departure from Softimage. Well, okay, not as sad as I am today….

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Since everybody is posting their operator library, here is my modest one:
https://www.orbolt.com/search/?q=tags:animatrix [orbolt.com]

I haven't uploaded everything I have due to time constraints (writing help cards take time ), but I am regularly adding them to Orbolt.

Oh and welcome
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To me feels a bit like receiving my family again… please don't hesitate to ask, anything I can help here I am plus at Realise there are a bunch of gurus that are really nice people.

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