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Hi all,

I've been hitting a wall for a while now, though I'm sure
I'm making a newbie mistake.

I'm having a try at foreach node.

I'm trying to cookie a plane with sphere copied on scattered points, using
a foreach node.

I've set up the foreach to use points, and merge result, but it seems that it's not really working.

I've noticed as well that my point number count is multiplied by the number of scattered points (5 here), as if a new grid was added at each iteration.

How can I get only one grid (the wired one) with the cookie effect being added on the same grid for each iteration?

I joined my scene file in case a kind soul would like to take a look and help me figure out that one. That'd be amazing.

Thanks in advance.


foreachTest.hipnc (64.2 KB)

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Hi Ryuji,
Instead of repeating the process for points repeat it for the grid.
Sorry i can not post the file.
Try these steps
1. Run foreach in each number mode. Connect grid to the first input of foreach sop and scatter node to the second.
2.In numrenge2 para on foreach node write the number how many times you want to repeat the process (use npoints expression to find out the total number of points created by scatter sop)
3.Turn off merge results parm on foreach sop
4.In side foreach sop, 1st aux input gives you grid and the 2nd gives all the scatter points.
5. Connect delete sop after the 2nd aux sop, operation delete non selected , entity points.
delete by expression $PT == stamp(“..”,“FORIDXVALUE”,0) . It will select poin based on iteration number from 2nd aux input.
6. Copy sphere on it.
7. Perform the cookie operation.

Hope this helps !
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Thank you very much Sadhu, it works like a charm! ^^
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