License tiers / tainting - how does it work?

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Hi guys,

I read about tainting in the licensing chapter of the engine documentation, like you cannot instantiate / use an asset that has been created under a lower tier license than the engine which is trying to load it.

From my understanding we have
- non-commercial license (Apprentice, .hdanc)
- limited-commercial license (Indie, .hdalc)
- commercial license (.hda)

Then again on the licensing page there's a list of licenses, are these the actual tiers that ethey refer to?
- Houdini Engine
- Houdini
- Houdini FX
- Houdini Engine Indie
- Houdini Indie

So basically my question is, if engine and interactive licenses are always different licensing tiers.

The background behind the question is that I don't manage to load an asset that has been created under Indie license (interactive) even though I have an Indie engine license. The weird thing is that it throws an undocumented error code (HAPI_RESULT_DISALLOWED_HENGINEINDIE_W_3PARTY_PLUGIN), so I need to sort out first if what I'm trying to do should work at all in theory.

Any help appreciated, thanks
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