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Hi all,

I'm writing a custom importer for Houdini to be able to load .igmesh files Houdini. However Houdini throws an error “Unable to read file Cinput.igmesh”.

So far I've been registering the importer in geoio.json and it's properly recognized by Houdini. When I use a file node and select an .igmesh file my importer .exe is invoked correctly with “Cinput.igmesh” and “stdout.geo” as arguments (I'm writing out a log file so I know what's going on).

For debug purposes I'm not parsing the input geometry, instead the .geo geometry I'm creating is always a simple cube. I can load the generated cube to Houdini, so the .geo file that I generate is valid.

So most probably Houdini does not find the file I'm generating, does that make sense??

My importer stores the output geometry in the current working directory - I compared this behaviour to the gwavefront.exe importer and they do exactly the same in terms of output directory and file names…

Did anyone here already write an importer?
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