Houdini Experts Needed! Halo 6/343 Industries (Seattle, WA)

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Thanks for reading! We're currently looking for an experienced Technical Artist with expertise in Houdini to join the team at 343 Industries here in Redmond, WA (slightly east of Seattle)to help build the next AAA Halo experience!

You'll find the full job description below.

Please send all applications and inquiries to geoffreyp@rylem.com.

Technical Houdini Artist - 343 Industries (9794)

Job Description
A renowned game studio currently working on AAA title is looking for a Technical Houdini Artist who will support the environment art team. We are looking for an experienced Houdini generalists with experience in games and tools development. This position requires a technically minded Houdini artist who has an obsessive eye for details and passion for ensuring game content consistently meets a visual and performance high bar. Strong collaboration and great communication skills are essential as this role will be involve working closely with both engineers and content creators.

  • Create a wide variety of Houdini digital assets for use with Houdini Engine, including terrain generation, simulations, procedural placements etc.
  • Help unblocking artists from doing repetitive and consuming work by developing comprehensive tools.
  • Set up and manage technical Houdini pipelines related to level production (i.e. source file management/streaming/visibility/collision/physics materials).
  • Work with tools developers to augment and enhance content creation and level tools.

Qualifications and Skills
  • Extensive experience with Houdini/Houdini Engine required.
  • Experience with Autodesk Maya, Photoshop required. Expertise in other 3D software packages will be considered.
  • Programming and/or scripting experience with Python required. Expertise with other languages as HLSL, CGFX, Mel will be considered.
  • Candidate should have strong knowledge of modern game environment development principles and techniques.
  • Knowledge of rendering budgets and technical constraints related to performance in real-time engines.
  • 2 or more years professional development experience on pc and consoles preferred.
  • Candidate should have strong time management and communication skills.
  • Candidates should also be able to rapidly grasp new technical concepts and quickly become proficient in new content tool chains.
  • Experience writing documentation and training guides
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