FX Artist Needed for Documentary Animation Contract

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Mirage 3D [www.facebook.com] is looking for an FX Artist to create assets for use in an upcoming show about the future of Space Travel.

Mirage 3D [www.facebook.com] is a multi-award winning studio that specializes in crafting creative fulldome documentaries ranging in topics such as Super Volcanoes, Dinosaurs and Darwin's Evolution Theory.

We are seeking an FX artist to create render ready assets for use in Maya, to be rendered with Redshift GPU rendering. The assets we are looking to have made is a rocket's final launch particles for the smoke, fire, plasma, steam and so on. The scene will be rendered in 360 at 16k x 8k resolution. Then, an edit will be cut from that 360 render for our Full Dome show.

I've attached some work samples from the show as well as the show description for your benefit. Located at this link [goo.gl] is the most current animatic for the scene, please utilize that video while creating your quote.

Please contact me here or at my email laura.j.jolly@gmail.com with your quote or rate for this project, thank you!

Mars 1001 Description.pdf (202.0 KB)
M3D_Worksample.pdf (8.4 MB)

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