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I am trying to do some interesting stuff with the wire solver, but there are some things I can't figure out yet, although I am browsing the Houdini help section and reading through the wire solver page.

My setup is kinda easy, I have a few polylines between two static objects and a third object should cross those lines and bend/break them.

I need to solve the following:

1. I have bend my polylines by adding vertexes to them, so that they have an initial “bended” state. But in case I am using the wire solver, they will be automatically stretched a little more. I am not sure if this is possible, but I want that the wire solver threats those polylines (let's say they are “gum-ropes”) as if they are stretched to their resting position and only stretch or break them if other forces are applied to them. (Although this is really hard because the gravity is continuously applying a force)
Solved this one. I am using now a target geometry with high target stiffness/damping value. I'm not sure if this is the right way, therefore I still need to figure out how to let wires interact with my objects.

2. I still can't figure out which node I need to use for the animated object to interact with my polylines. It should also be possible, that they stick to the object.

I would really appreciate any help! Im sure it's simple if you know how to

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