In desperate need of a C4D digital asset

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Logan Sprangers
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Hi everyone! I'm hoping some kind soul could give me a hand with this. I don't think it should be too difficult for you Houdini experts out there.

I'm looking to have a C4D digital asset made out of an existing Houdini scene. The file is attached below
I grabbed this Houdini scene from an artist on Vimeo of procedural vines growing:
Procedural Vines []

In the video you'll see all of the parameters that allow you to modify the look of the vine. They're listed as follows:

Number of Branches
Thin Vine Prune Threshold
Branch Threshold
Leaf Branch Prune Threshold
Leaf Vine Threshold
Branch Length
Branch Random Seed
Branch Length Variance

I would like all of those parameters included. They can be found under the “easy_grow_vine_machine” node.

-In addition to that list, there's also a “Vine Curve Source” parameter that I would like to be able to link directly to a custom Cinema 4D spline, to define the overall shape. (I know Houdini has a problem converting curve to spline. So if this is not possible, I'll take any alternative. Perhaps linking it to a custom source mesh?)

-It would awesome if I could get material slots for both the vine and the leaves.

-And lastly, I'd like a slider to be able to control the speed in which the whole thing grows.

Note: The entire growth animation seems to be linked to the timeline right now via VEX expression. I believe the vine length, vine girth and leaf growth all need to have that expression disabled.

Please and thank you very much for your help!

Vine_Machine.hip (549.6 KB)

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