Adding noise, curves to PolyWire

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Hello all,

I'm trying to find a way to add curves to a structure that is built by a polywire node.

I love how it looks, but I'd like to have the connections have variation, as opposed to straight lines. Bent lines, curved lines.

Please see attached how it is built at the moment. I'm scattering points from a sphere, then using voronoi fracture, then into a polywire node.


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PolyWire.JPG (697.4 KB)

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Quickest way I can think of:

provided that you have enough resolution on the lines (if no, use a resample node to increase the points on the lines), you can try to append the new houdini17 “attribute noise” node just before the polywire.

By default it modifies the Cd attribute, just change it to “P” and play with the parameters.
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As Andr said you can play around with the new attribute noise, if you want more control use a point vop with your own setup where you can create attributes to affect different areas or make more complex noise displacements. Maybe use it before the polywire with the voronoi fracture.

Good luck!
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