H17 Add Fur/Paint Thickness Attribute Shelf tool error

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Hey all,

Anyone else run into this with the off-the-shelf “Add Fur” shelf tool?

-create a polygonal sphere
-choose the “Add Fur” shelf tool
-select the sphere
-in the “geo1_hairgen” node, go to the “Thickness” tab and switch “No Override” to “Skin Attribute”:

-hit the “Paint Thickness Attrib” button
-error: “The node ”“ referenced by parameter ”Groom Object“ does not exist.”


paint_hair_thickness.jpg (16.9 KB)
hair_error.jpg (20.7 KB)

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Having the same issue. Trying to figure a workaround but all i found so far is painting the width attribute on the skin inside the hair generate sop and attribute transfer it to the hairs. I still don't know how to control the width along the length of each hair with an efficient manner. All i can think of is a for each loop for each hair.
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Did anyone get it sorted? In H17.5 still not working.
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