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Hello everyone,,
I need some advice, please.
I animated a camera and want the focus distance to be independent from this animation. I technically got it to work with the help of the following tutorial: [] [] [] []
Summary of that 3 minute tutorial:
1. Using add sop create a point
2. copy relative references of camera's transform to the point
3. create another point using the add node and merge the two points
4. create another add node after the merge and go to polygons, then by group. This will create a line between the first and second point.
5. create a measure sop and set type to perimeter
6. attribute promote and promote perimeter to detail
7. on cameras focus distance use the detail hscript expression, it should look like this: detail(“/obj/geo1/attribpromote1/”, “perimeter”,0)

As I scrub through the timeline, I see that it is technically working, because the Focus Distance of my camera varies.

The problem is, that I can not get it to work with Redshift. I pasted the expression into the Redshift Focus Distance and the Cameras own Focus Distance, but none of them works in the renderview. The Focus doesn't change in the renderview, but it changes in the field where i pasted the expression. My thought is, that maybe Redshift is not able to pick up the data from this expression?

Please excuse my bad english.
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You can also use a little bit of hscript (that @tamte showed me) in the Focus Distance parm in the Sampling tab of your camera. This expression gets the distance from the camera to another object:
In this case the expression points to a null object called “focus_target”. This can be any object you want.

-b []
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