Strange bubble glitch in Flip Fluid

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Hey everyone,

3 things I have a hard time to figure out on my own, maybe you could shed some light.

1.I'm trying to create bubbles emerging from my fluid like on the “ref” picture. Everything seems to work fine more or less until 0:21 when some teleportation of bubbles occurs. It results in some streaks on fluid's surface. Any idea what is the cause of that behaviour ?

2.Which parameter is responsible for the thickness of the fluid after the bubble crosses the surface? I would like my fluid to be “thinner” and without that granular look.

3.Another question (if it's not too much to ask) how may I change the emission of the bubbles so they are not getting too cluttered? I mean how to set the minimum distance between them?

I would appreciate any constructive feedback.

Animation under this link:

password : flip []

Thank you!
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