for each node : iteration understanding concepts & others related ?

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1.what's the difference b/w iteration 0 and 1(in block end node) ?

1.(a).gather mode set to “feedback each iteration” and iteration set to “0”{in the block begin node} then how come it's showing results of the node b/w block end and block begin 1-times(single times) ? my point is how the iteration is working ?

>>>maybe i'm thinking differently(and houdini is working differently) that's why i'm confused so plz help me clear the confusion .

{i'm wondering the answer –>>it's happening so because when the method is set to “fetch feedback” the node’s input is used as the output for the first iteration ?? plz tell me whether the answer of my own is right or wrong.}


2.what's the point of having fetch input option under method menu inside block begin node ?

( i'm indian that's why my writing is not concise plus at my school i never wrote so much like this. so apologise from me and thank you for reading my thread and clearing my doubt,i'm very new to 3d plus i don't have any physical tutor, so it's community who are everything for me.)
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