Pose Tool with Imported FBX

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Learning Pose Tool - I really like the “auto IK” and works great for any bones I create in houdini.

But it doesn't work with an imported FBX - I think because Houdini automatically inserts nulls between the bones when importing the fbx.

Thanks in advance for any advice/help
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Moin, unknown/anonymous user,

Houdini's IK is bones-based, many other tools use a joints-based rigging approach. FBX is, too, a “joints rig” supporting format, therefore you have to convert the rig from nulls to bones.

I have done just that and documented the WIP here [www.sidefx.com]. Depending on your desired workflow, an alternative approach (if you don't need to use Houdini's IK) could be to not create bones while importing and instead create handle-/control geometry for the nulls, posing directly on them.

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