Would you like to work in a dead-end job with no challenge?

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You're thinking, “What's this idiot on about?” Or you think this is some ridiculous click-bait title.

Truth is, working in a startup is not for everyone. Every day is a different challenge, and everyone has to be willing and able to stand up and be accountable to a small community. So if you answered “Yes” to that question, this job isn't for you.

Are you not someone special: That rare breed that sees the potential of Houdini as both a marvel of engineering and a chisel to create diverse and amazing art? Are you happy with the common attitude that Houdini is fine for VFX or maybe hard surface modeling, but there's better tools for organics?

So if you want to work in the big company; if you want to disappear into the veil of being just another drone, I'm sorry, I can't help you.

But if you want to try to do something amazing with your talents, join us at chance6 Studios, Inc. [www.chance6.com]
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