Weird render issue with hair and switch

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Hey everyone, I am having a really weird issue and I can't for the life of me figure out why. Is this possibly a bug or am I missing something. Essentially all I want to do is add a switch inside the hairgen node to toggle visibility since it is inside an HDA.
All I am changing is where the visibility null is plugged in and suddenly it won't render

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

hair_problem_1.JPG (30.4 KB)
hair_problem_2.JPG (29.7 KB)

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The display flag is what cooks when the procedural is running. The render flag holds the instance point with arguments for the procedural's execution. It won't work anymore if you move either away from their expected inputs.

I think there is a parameter on the hair gen HDA that's set to true when being executed as a procedural. This could drive your switch so the display flag is still connected to the cooked geometry when evaluated by the procedural, and I guess display nothing or whatever your choice when evaluated for display in Houdini.
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