Rendering Lines in Mantra

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Hello! I followed a youtube tutorial about creating procedural grass [] and I am trying to render it using Mantra. My lines are set up as Primitive Type Polygon. I set up my material, set up the geometry node to Render Polygon Curves as Subdivision (Mantra)and to Shade Curves As Surfacesbut my lines look more like wide planes and I can't seem to adjust the width (see the attached images).

I am clearly missing something simple but I can't seem to figure it out or find the answer when I poke around online. I am a total Houdini noob and any help would be appreciated.

grass_2.png (1.1 MB)
grass_3.png (1.2 MB)

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At around 3:30 he creates a “pscale” attribute on the points where the curves end up on. This sets the width of the blades.

In H18.5 the scattering of objects on surfaces like your grassblades got a lot easier. Watch the recent Entagma tutorial for that here [].
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