Using/Chaining multiple HDAs to work on one UE4 landscape?

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I have a basic workflow question about working with UE4 landscapes and Houdini.

Here's what I'm after:
  • I got a UE4 landscape I input into an HDA to calculate Erosion, Noise, Distortion etc.
  • The output of that first HDA should be input into an HDA where i can use curves to draw paths (which modifies the heightfield again)
  • This should be chained multiple times to have multiple paths with different properties
  • After the paths creation I wanna input the latest heightfield into an HDA that generates spawning assets
  • Then use this in a new HDA and generate cliffs in a separate HDA

Is this possible?
In my first couple of tests, the landscape in UE4 was distorted and streched and kinda looked weird in general.
Also I didn't see any projection from my paths onto the terrain - just size changes (like it's 2 x X-Axis, 1 x Y-Axis in size - so square landscape anymore)

Can I just assign the generated heightfield output from one HDA into the input of another HDA?
Or how is this supposed to work?

Also: Are the layers also passed between HDAs in Unreal? Like one HDA 1 generates a mask and HDA 2 uses that mask to spawn points?

My goal is to create a modular system for Unreal with multiple HDAs for different purposes - all working in a chain on one UE4 landscape.
This way the map designer has a couple of HDA tools to work on the landscape without ever leaving Unreal.

Thanks in advance!

PS: I'm using version 2 of the Houdini Engine Plugin for UE4
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